Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seven Heads - No Edge Ups In South Africa

1.BMIG - Asheru
2.Braggin Writes (Domecracker Remix) - J-Live
3.The Gusto - Audessey The Sound Sci Of Mass Influence (feat. Apple Jac)
4.Backstage - Wordsworth
5.Full Blown - El Da Sensai
6.Mood Swing - Asheru (feat. Talib Kweli)
7.Reflections On A Heart Attack - RLD & Richy Pitch
8.Mr. Dynamite - Djinji Brown
9.This Is Hip Hop - Oddissee & Kenn Starr
10.Queen City Remix - BJ & Piakhan (feat. Akil)
11.Say Cheese - J-Live
12.Night Shift - Audessey The Sound Sci Of Mass Influence
13.Bosoms - J-Live, Wordsworth, Eric Krasno & Neal Evans Of Soulive, and Adam
14.Deitch Of Lettuce
15.Trackrunners - Asheru (feat. J-Live & Grap Luva)



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