Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lord Finesse - From the Crates to The Files - Retai l- 2003 - [Grouprip]


01 Intro 2:02
02 Return Of The Funkyman (RMX) 5:06
03 Isn't He Something 4:42
04 Isn't He Something (Extra P Session 4:53
05 Show Em How We Do Things Feat 5:37
Shelrumble and Harry-O
06 Yes You May (RMX) Feat Big L 4:02
07 You Know What I'm About (Original 4:31
Version) Ft Big L
08 You Know What I'm About 4:18
09 Check Me Out Baby Pah Featt Page The 4:55
Hand Grenade
10 S.K.I.T.S. 4:06
11 S.K.I.T.S. (RMX) 4:06
12 Check The Method 4:17
13 Pull Ya Cord 4:42
14 Rules We Live By Feat Fat Joe and 4:26

.. R I P P E R ' S N O T E S ..

This CD consists of tracks from the 1992 release "Return Of The
Funkyman" and tracks that have been floating around for a while
but never got properly released. The album includes production by
Showbiz, Diamond D, Large Professor, Todd Ray, and Lord FInesse

The Funky Technician Lord Finesse returns with the lost classic
From The Crates To The Files: The Lost Sessions. Rumored to exist
but never having seen the light of day 'til now, many of the cuts
have been traded on the Internet and mix tapes for years. When
Fat Beats approached Lord Finesse about a proper release he went
back into the studio the complete the album adding a number of
songs including a new joint with friend Fat Joe.

Breaking out of the hardcore New York rap scene and developing a
strong following through a number of singles, Lord Finesse has a
long history as a performer and producer. Breaking through with
his classic Funky Technician, on the now highly-revered Wild
Pitch Records in 1990, Lord Finesse signed on with Rhyme Syndicate
Management and recorded his 1991 major-label debut, Return of the
Funky Man, for Giant Records. When not on the road supporting his
albums he began producing for other gold and platinum selling
artists and over the years has cut tracks for Notorious B.I.G.,
Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Capone-N-Noreaga and many others. He began
recording his follow-up From The Crates To The Files, but it was
shelved halfway through the sessions. Finesse kept up his steady
pace of production throughout the years and dropped the
occasional 12" to keep the fans hungry. Now back with From The
Crates To The Files: The Lost Sessions, there is no stopping the
Funky Man!


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